Midas Group

Business Consultancy

MIDAS Group provide a range of consultancy services that will support the SME/ organisation in a range of areas designed to progress and develop the business. Dependant on the needs of the company/ SME / organisation, MIDAS Group will meet with the client to determine what its needs are and come up with a plan to progress.Normally the meeting will take place at the clients’ office or MIDAS Group administration office in Kells.

Areas Covered

MIDAS Group - Consultancy for SME / Organisations

MIDAS Group - Consultancy for SME / Organisations


Examples of Work Completed

Executive Mentoring and Coaching to include assistance with Strategy and Direction, Finance, Accounts, Business Planning, Internal SWOT & Situational Analysis with a View to Review, Auditing and/or Strategic Development

  • H.R. support to include ability and competency tests, psychometrics and career test as well as Redundancy Package to include Career Progression and Planning for Employees,
  • Completing and Assisting with the development of Feasibility Studies, Business Plans and Grant Applications
  • Help with FETAC Application and Process and implementing Relevant Policies and Procedures to support this application
  • The development of Flow charts, Policies, Procedures and Standards to link in with a range of accreditations including the implementation of ETP, FETAC and Q Mark
  • Conduction of Operational, Financial, HR and Marketing Analysis
  • External & Internal facilitation, Research and Evaluation of Projects – focusing on specific areas of work within organisations