Midas Group

Business Training

A core element of MIDAS Groups’ Business Training is to offer the company / SME the most appropriate training to meet their specific needs. MIDAS Group has designed a number of specific one and two day workshops, which focus on the specific needs of companies / organisations. The courses are then developed and integrated into the business to ensure focused and definite results. Courses can be provided On-Site or at a suitable location. Examples of workshops created to suit previous client needs within 6 main areas include the following:

Bespoke Business Courses

Career Development Courses

  • Business Writing that Works
  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • Building your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
  • Business Etiquette – Getting that extra edge
  • Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People
  • Communication strategies
  • Customer Service Training – critical elements of customer ser vice
  • Getting your Job Search started
  • Public Speaking – Presentation Survival and Skill
  • Advanced Presentation Skills – Speaking under pressure
  • Skills for the Administrative Assistant
  • The Minute Takers Workshop
  • Time Management – get organised for peak performance
  • Working Smarter – Using Technology to your advantage
  • Writing Reports and Proposals

Supervisors and Managers

  • Budgets and Managing Money
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Business Leadership – Becoming Management Material
  • Coaching – A Leadership Skill
  • The Art of Delegating Effectively
  • Human Resource Training – HR for the non HR Manager
  • Inventory Management – the nuts and Boats
  • Meeting Management – the art of making meetings work
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Motivation Training – Motivating your workforce
  • Negotiating for successful results
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Training – Understanding Project Training
  • Team Building – Developing High Performance Teams
  • The ABCs of Supervision
  • The Professional Supervisor

Sales and Marketing

  • Building Relationships for success in Sales
  • Call Centre Training – Sales and Customer Service
  • CRM – Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
  • Dynamic Sales Presentations
  • Sales Training – Prospecting for leads like a Pro
  • Sales Training – Overcoming Objections to the Sale
  • Sales Training – Selling Smarter
  • Telemarketing – Using the telephone as a sales tool

Human Resources

  • Anger Management – Understanding Anger
  • Building Better Teams
  • Business Succession Planning – Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan
  • Change Management – Change and how to deal with it
  • Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
  • Conflict Resolution – Getting along in the workplace
  • Customer Service Training – Managing customer service
  • Employee Dispute Resolution – Mediation through Peer Review
  • Hiring for Success – Behavioural Interviews techniques
  • Orientation Handbook – Getting employees off to a good start
  • Performance Management – Managing Employees Performance
  • Problem Solving & Decision making
  • Stress Management

Train the Trainer

  • Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer
  • Developing your Training Programme
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Survival Skills for the New Trainer
  • The Practical Trainer
  • Using Activities to make Training Fun

Workplace Essentials

  • Business Ethics for the Office
  • Diversity Training – Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace
  • Generation Gap – Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Workplace Harassment – What it is and what to do about it
  • Workplace Violence – How to manage anger and violence in the workplace

Additionally, click here for our full course library. Contact 046-9249618 to talk to one of the MIDAS Group team about designing a workshop around your specific requirements. Alternatively complete an online enquiry form for additional information.