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Consumer Awareness (FETAC Level 3)


This course has been designed to provide the participants with an understanding of consumer rights and legislation. The course will explore a range of issues concerning consumer entitlements, redress and basic consumer law. The participants will practise personal skills needed to deal with consumers including listening, assertiveness and effective communication skills. The participants will also have an understanding of procedures required to deal with customers effectively and legally.


  • Understand consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Be aware of the factors which influence a consumer’s entitlements to redress
  • Be able to make an effective case as a consumer, responding appropriately to problematic situations
  • Enhanced assertiveness and communication skills


Course Content
  • Consumer entitlements.
  • Consumer’s rights and law different types of redress
  • Identify good and bad service.
  • Identify common labelling for food, clothing etc.
  • Trade descriptions
  • Safety aspect of products and services
  • Identify responsibility for defective products
  • consumer complaints
  • process and procedures needed for proper redress
  • communication skills needed for complaint handling



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