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  • MIDAS Group has over 20 years experience in providing exceptional training and practical advice to individuals, the community sector, small and medium business and the corporate world.
  • MIDAS Group was founded in 2005 by Mari Brunnock, after many years experience as a key FAS facilitator in Community Services for the Northeast region and a professional trainer in a number of key areas such as Business Development, Company Formation, Feasibility Studies, Research and Audits. Mari has also spent time in the past 15 years of working on Career Progression programmes with individuals, specifically in the Northeast and Dublin area. She has designed a number of innovative coaching courses to enable people to gain employment by using many forms of training to ensure success for each individual. Mari has completed a qualification in Business and Marketing; is a licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, has an International Coaching Diploma and qualifications in Training and Adult Education as well as being a qualified psychometric profiler (British Psychological Society).
  • MIDAS Group, under the direction of Mari ,works in conjunction with her team  including expert consultants, tutors and coaches to deliver a range of services including Life and Career Progression Coaching, Business & Administration, Finance, Public Relations, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Information Technology, Business Support , Education & Training and Sales & Marketing

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