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Digital Marketing (FETAC Level 5)

Course Aim:

The Aim of this award is to facilitate learners to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies needed to operate, manage and execute digital marketing strategies including a digital marketing campaign effectively in a personal, social or business capacity within a range of digital marketing contexts using a variety of etools.

Course Goals:

To enable the learner to understand the concept of marketing strategy for an organisation / business and be able to demonstrate the difference between digital and traditional marketing practices, but value the importance of both in today’s society

  • To be able to take the learner though the historical and evolving role of digital marketing as a part of the organisations overall strategy across several sectors / industries
  • To enable the learner to understand the design and implementation of a marketing plan
  • To enable the learner to manage a digital marketing campaign for personal, social or business use
  •  To enable the learner to understand the various marketing tools available through use of the internet and social media
  • To enable the learner to be able to control, evaluate and monitor the outcomes of a digital marketing campaign and measure its effectiveness
  • To enable the learner to take responsibility for his/her own learning
Content of this Course:
  • Outline the unique characteristics of the web as a marketing medium
  • Differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing practice
  • Identify digital marketing strategies and explain their integration with traditional marketing
  • Outline the stages of analysis, development, implementation and control of digital marketing campaigns
  • Identify e-tools to include social media marketing, blogs, rich media, email marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising and their application to digital marketing campaigns
  • Outline strengths and weaknesses across a range of e-tools
  • Develop customised digital marketing campaigns to include the use of e-tools
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns using analytical e-tools
  • Plan a digital marketing campaign from inception to completion
  • Choose appropriate e-tools to implement a digital marketing strategy
  • Monitor digital marketing campaigns and use e-tools to include web analytics, social media monitoring and social bookmarking, to measure their effectiveness
  • Demonstrate a range of client management relationship skills to establish and maintain the business-to-business process.

On completion of this course, successful learners will be awarded with a FETAC Level 5 Minor Award in Digital Marketing (5N1364)

Structure of Course:

The unit can be run as online course with the learner getting access to all class files, tutorials, presentations and other resources and also as a blended learning course with Tutor input.

Duration: The course can be completed at a pace set by the learner

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