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Text Production (FETAC Level 5)

Course Aim:

This programme module aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to produce a range of documents to a mailable standard, within a minimum speed of 35 words per minute.

Course Goals:
  • To assist the learner to develop the practical skills to enable them to create a range of business documents to an excellent standard.
  • To enable the learners to appreciate the importance of consistent style and layout.
  • To equip the learner with a thorough working knowledge of an input device
  • To enable the learner to develop the skills to maximise speed and accuracy.
  • To enable the learner to take responsibility for his/her own learning.
Content of this Course:
  • Examine accepted rules of text production, including punctuation, spacing and word division.
  • Examine accepted forms and conventions for a range of commonly used business documents, to include letters.
  • Explain the importance of accuracy and the impact of errors in an organisation’s documentation, both internally and externally.
  • Input text and data accurately from a given source demonstrating correct text production techniques.
  • Apply accepted rules of text production including punctuation, spacing and word division.
  • Format and emphasis text, using block indented and hanging paragraphs and horizontal and vertical centering.
  • Employ dictionaries and thesaurus to proof read documents accurately.
  • Use correct abbreviations for measurements, weights, money and time.
  • Produce documents in a range of layout styles including; letters, agendas, minutes, memos, invitations, reports and forms.
  • Insert appropriate references in documents, including, dates, reference numbers, special headings, appropriate e marks for circulation and enclosures.
  • Output tabular statement or table in acceptable format with or without ruling.
  • Use standard speed building techniques.
  • Design documents that are consistent in layout, style and form.
  • Input text accurately from source within a specified time.
  • Attain a minimum speed of 35 wpm.
  • Attain a minimum accuracy of 97%



On completion of this course, successful learners will be awarded with a FETAC Level 5 Minor Award in Text Production (5N1422)

Structure of Course

The unit can be run as online course with the learner getting access to all class files, tutorials, presentations and other resources and also as a blended learning course with Tutor input.

Duration: The course can be completed at a pace set by the learner

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