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Microsoft Access Advanced


This course is suitable for learners who have developed a good understanding of the basics of Microsoft Access database. It is assumed that learners will have a thorough understanding of data types and relationships within Access, a familiarity with forms and reports will be assumed as well as how to query for specific data.

This course is suitable for anyone with a good working knowledge of Microsoft Access who needs to support or create databases with multiple tables, control client access, create and manage switchboard forms, customise the start-up screen and perform administrative functions on the database, such as backup, split, compact and restore a database.

Course Content:

Learners will also become proficient in the following topics:

  • Automate routines using macros
  • Create and use switchboard forms
  • Apply security to specific tables and the database
  • Set Access defaults, apply start-up options, and customize the Navigation Pane
  • Learn how to develop more elaborate forms and reports
  • Establish and maintain security in a database

We offer this course for the following versions of Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2010

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