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A candidate for Microsoft Office Access Specialist course is someone who works with databases on a daily basis. If you are a database user, or database creator who needs to create or maintain an Access database, if you regularly need to limit the number of records displayed from the database, if you need to create forms or reports that can incorporate graphics, sorting and filtering options, then this course is for you.  Many candidates who work as support professionals, trainers, teachers, or help desk personnel will find this course invaluable.  You will learn all about how to create, modify, and extend functionality of basic database objects, including tables, queries, forms, and

reports. You will learn now to create and modify relationships among database entities and understand how to avoid common pitfalls when working with large and/or complex databases.


Course Content:

Topics covered on this course include:


  • Configure the Navigation Pane.
  • Apply Application Parts.
  • Create tables.
  • Create and modify fields.
  • Sort and filter records.
  • Set relationships.
  • Import data from a single data file.
  • Create forms.
  • Creating and Managing Queries
  • Manage source tables and relationships.
  • Calculate totals.
  • Generate calculated fields.
  • Designing Reports
  • Create reports.
  • Apply Report Page Setup Tab options.
  • Sort and filter records for reporting
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