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Microsoft Excel Advanced


A good grounding in the basic features of Excel is needed before attending this course.  It will be assumed that you are familiar with creating formulae using references, understanding of the use of an absolute cell value, sorting and filtering lists, creating charts and applying graph features.

The advanced course is taken by learners who wish to gain the skills to use Excel to its optimum.  You will cover concepts dealing with financial modelling, goal seek and solver and, analysis tools. 

Course Content:

Additionally, the course covers

  • Creating, modifying and enhancing templates
  • Using the standard problem solving tools in Excel to obtain or predict results
  • Working with pivot tables and charts
  • Working with absolute and mixed cell references
  • Auditing worksheets and tracing errors.
  • Combining and consolidation of worksheets together in various ways
  • Import and export to and from other applications
  • Woking with macros


We offer this course for the following versions of Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2010


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