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Certification is available at Expert level in Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  Learners undertaking the Microsoft Office Expert Excel exam need to have a solid foundation in Microsoft Office Excel core.  An in-depth knowledge of how to create formulae, how to combine data from several worksheets, how to create charts and import and expert are very useful prior knowledge to have in advance of taking this course.


Expert-level Microsoft Office Excel 2010 users are able to efficiently and confidently use Excel 2010 software at the feature and functionality levels. Expert users are proficient with advanced formulas, functions, and data analysis tools. Expert users can manipulate data for analysis, presentation, and collaboration. In addition, expert users can manipulate Excel options to customize their environment to meet varying needs and enhance their productivity.


Course Content:

Topics covered on this course include:


  • Apply workbook settings, Properties, and data options
  • Apply protection and sharing properties to workbooks and worksheets
  • Maintain shared workbooks
  • Applying Formulas and Functions
  • Audit Formulas
  • Manipulate formula options
  • Perform Data Summary Tasks
  • Apply functions in formulas
  • Presenting Data Visually
  • Apply advanced chart features
  • Apply data analysis
  • Create and manipulate PivotTables
  • Create and manipulate PivotCharts
  • Working with Macros and Forms
  • Create and manipulate macros
  • Insert and manipulate form controls
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