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Microsoft Office PowerPoint is designed for people who need to get the most out of PowerPoint.  If you need to generate complex slide shows, such as product plans, reports, and marketing materials, if you need to create slide shows based on custom templates generated by others and frequently reuse slides or need to present sophisticated data presented in visual formats, then this course is for you.  You will develop a level of proficiency that comes from the knowledge of how to use all the features of the program so as to get the most out of your own or your company’s presentations.


Course Content:
  • Topics covered include:
  • Configure PowerPoint file options
  • Creating a Slide Presentation
  • Construct and edit a photo album
  • Apply slide size and orientation settings
  • Add and remove slides
  • Format slides
  • Format a text box
  • Working with graphical and multimedia elements
  • Modify WordArt and shapes
  • Manipulate SmartArt
  • Edit video and audio content
  • Creating charts and tables
  • Construct and modify a table
  • Insert and modify a chart
  • Apply chart elements
  • Manipulate chart layouts
  • Applying transitions and animations
  • Apply and modify transitions between slides
  • Collaborating on a presentation
  • Share and protect a presentation
  • Set up a slide show
  • Set presentation timing
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