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Microsoft Word Advanced


This course is aimed at users of Microsoft Word who have a good understanding of the basics of the package.  In particular users should be familiar with text enhancements settings, styles, line and paragraph settings, margins and paginations options.  A basic familiarity with Mail merge is also desirable.

At Advanced level, Midas Training tutors will lead you to develop an in-depth understanding of how Microsoft Word can be used to produce high quality documents.  This course is suited to anyone who needs to produce top quality documents in the minimum of time.


Course Content:

Topics covered include, but is not restricted to dealing with:

  • Enhanced placement of graphics on a page,
  • Word Art including text flow
  •  Creating and modifying paragraph, character and linked styles
  • Different headers and footers throughout the document
  • Advanced table features
  • Tracking changes and creating, editing and deleting comments
  • Working with columns, footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, tables of contents and tables of indexes
  • Advanced mail merge topics
  • Introduction to macros

We offer this course is available for the following versions of Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2010

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