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Certification is available at Expert level in Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  Learners undertaking the Microsoft Office Expert Word exam need to have a solid foundation in Microsoft Office Word core.  An in-depth knowledge of the functionality and a strong proficiency in the use of features like bookmarks, styles, templates, mail merge, Quick Parts, comparing and combining documents as well as advanced use of text flow around graphics and other objects are necessary if you intend to take this course.


Expert-level Microsoft Word 2010 users are able to proficiently and confidently use Word 2010 software at the feature and functionality levels. Expert users work with the advanced features of Word 2010 to enhance professional documents, create documents ready for publication, and collaborate effectively on group editing projects. Expert users manipulate Word options to customize their environment to meet varying needs and to enhance productivity.


Course Content:

Topics covered on this course include:


  • Sharing and Maintaining Documents
  • Configure Word Options
  • Restrict access to a document
  • Add and modify templates in an existing document
  • Formatting Content
  • Apply advanced font and paragraph attributes
  • Create tables and charts
  • Construct reusable content in a document
  • Link sections
  • Tracking and Referencing Documents
  • Review, compare and combine documents
  • Create a reference page
  • Create a Table of Authorities in a document
  • Create an index in document
  • Performing Mail Merge Operations
  • Execute Mail Merge
  • Create a Mail Merge by using other data sources
  • Create labels and forms
  • Managing Macros and Forms
  • Create and manipulate macros
  • Apply and manipulate macro options
  • Create forms
  • Manipulate forms
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