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Career Interests Inventory – CII


The Career Interests Inventory helps people explore areas of work that make the best use of their interests, values and motivations.

Interests are the most natural starting point when exploring the world of work. When we first start to ask ourselves ‘what do I want to do?’, our answers reveal what we see as being exciting, challenging and fun – in short, what we are interested in.

Based on John Holland’s widely used model of vocational preferences, the CII explores interests, competencies and work styles to provide a multi-faceted tool for supporting career exploration.

  • The CII is an innovative assessment of career interests offering:
  • an exploration of interests, competencies and work styles based on a unifying model of vocational preferences;
  • attractive design to engage respondents and enhance the assessment experience;
  • short completion times without compromising reliability;
  • Comprehensive range of reports and workbooks which can be e-mailed to you upon completion of test.

The Career Interests Investory (CII) have developed an additional tool, which is aimed at young people (14-19 years), which uses words and pictures to structure interests around Holland’s Career Themes.

Opening up the world of work

The CII is an engaging self-report instrument for those starting the career exploration process. This test is aimed at younger people or others with minimal work experience, the CII acts as a catalyst at key decision points, guiding choices through enhancing self-understanding and encouraging exploration of the world of work. Using Holland’s model of vocational preferences, each preference is examined from three perspectives, so giving a rich and stimulating source of information for exploration of potential career areas:

  • interests – a normative and ipsative assessment of interests, giving alternative benchmarks for interpretation;
  • competencies – self-report of key work-related skills and abilities;
  • Work styles – an assessment of preferred working styles.

Supporting career exploration

The CII acts as a focus for career exploration. Respondents are encouraged to widen their personal exploration by looking at how their competencies and work styles relate to their interests, so setting an agenda for potential development.

CII reports encourage research into potential careers, containing links to careers libraries and a range of online resources for further information. Prompts also encourage critical reflection on the CII results, so supporting respondents through the first stage of their career decision-making.

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