Midas Group

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching designed to support individual business owner/ managers and professionals to focus on what’s important to them in their business. It is specifically useful if the client has been struggling with how to accomplish personal or organisational vision and want to overcome what’s really standing in their way.

This is achieved through

  • Works on a one-to-one basis to help clarify the core issues and target strategies for resolution.  We work on bridge the gap that links the current situation to the clients vision
  • We reinforce current strengths and help you learn new skills that advance your goals and achieve competitive advantage

Results include

The results of undertaking the executive coaching sessions are targeted measurable conclusions. The Client depending on their agenda may want executive coaching in

  • Business Planning and Strategic Direction, which has also included a increased Sales / customer base plan as well as Product Expansion and Diversification
  • Many clients have requested a coach to help deliver a specific skills based session e.g. – bespoke Accounts and managing financials tools for their business, computer coaching training session around their specific needs