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MIDAS Group, within the Psychometrics department, are now offering you the opportunity to profile yourself or individuals within an organisation to understand the roles that suit each individual’s needs and abilities.

From a personal view, undertaking a test will allow you to understand your strengths and weaknesses in relation to work and to understand the roles you should be concentrating on searching for.

For a business, the tests may result in identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole and also on an individual basis. The result could be a restructuring of your business if needed, or certainly an interesting view as to how to use your human resources to your best advantage.

What are Psychometric Tests

MIDAS Group have partnered with Profiling for Success(PfS), where they deliver a series of tests and questionnaires covering people’s abilities, potential, style, personality, motivations, interests and approach to relationships. All the tests have been developed by Chartered Psychologists recognised as leading experts in the field. Please see attached an overview of different options for tests and questionnaires and contact one of our qualified staff for more information on which test might suit you or your business best.


Why Choose Profiling for Success (PfS) with MIDAS Group

People choose from the PfS range in preference to others in the marketplace because they

  • do more in less time – developed online, the tests use modern techniques for identifying the shortest, quickest and cleanest ways to measure important human attributes;
  • are flexible and easy-to-use – available online and on paper they are simply scored and generate comprehensive reports;
  • provide penetrating answers to important questions – people are complex and can be hard to understand. PfS does not pretend to provide a simple description but it does provide numerous searchlights to illuminate areas of considerable interest.

The most Popular tests online are:

Type Dynamic Indicator - TDICareer Interest Inventory - CIILearning Styles Indicator - LSI

Click here should you wish to Profile Yourself using a Psychometric Test